Rock vs John Cena: Why It Was the Best Match of 2012

Welcome, readers, to another article by me, where I take a look at the legendary bout from WrestleMania 28, and make a case as to why it deserves to be called the best match of this year. No, I’m not talking about the Triple H vs Undertaker spectacle, but rather I’m talking about the match which is bound to happen only once in a lifetime, the Rock vs John Cena.

John Cena, the current face of the WWE, took on one of the biggest stars of the Attitude Era, the Rock, in an attempt to overshadow the career of the Rock, and prove to the world why John Cena is the new dog in the house. There was legit tension between the Rock and Cena before they actually feuded, and WWE capitalized on this opportunity to provide something big for the fans. Thus, the epic collision of Rock vs Cena was born.

Many critics have bashed me multiple times when I’ve stated that Rock and Cena are the two men that provided the best match of the year, and many of them have said that I “just don’t understand wrestling” and “I’m not a real fan”. First of all, it’s an opinion, and it can be weird, understandable, valid, and average, but it can never be wrong. Secondly, here are a few reasons why I personally feel that Rock and Cena put on a magical show in Miami:

Fan Support

This match had every fan picking a side. No one was ‘eh’ on any wrestler, as half were supporting John Cena and his case, while the others were taking the Great One’s side in this verbal, and physical bout. No fan was sitting alone wanting the match to take place without wanting his desired outcome, since every fan wanted a match with their favorite coming out on top. The fans were definitely excited for this match, and I was too.

The Hype for this Match

WWE had hyped this match for a long year. Tweets, Touts, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, and every other social media tool was used to promote this match, because WWE saw money in the Great One and the Cenation Leader, and a match at WrestleMania would increase the buyrates (it did) massively. The hype worked, and it was blown out to such an extent, that fans from abroad skipped their work and school to watch these two battle it out.

The Action in the Ring

The action in the ring matters the most in any match, and this was no exception. While there were multiple holds and hugs, the match seemed fine with the crowd behind it. Both of these portrayed a story with Cena and Rock not being able to defeat each other. All it took was a cocky John Cena to change his moveset a bit, for the Rock to pick up the victory. The action in the ring was kinda bland, but was worth it.

Here are a few reasons why Rock/Cena, in my mind, is the best match of 2012. Just when I thought I was losing interest in pro wrestling, these two brought me back to the art, and truly showed what it meant to be a wrestling fan.

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