The Rock Mails Clint Eastwood, John Cena Eating Salisbury Steaks, WrestleMania, Mick Foley

ZeeNews features a story in which The Rock talks about how he froze and got flustered when he got the chance to meet Clint Eastwood on Jay Leno’s Tonight show.

Eastwood is a big influence on The Rock and he said that after freezing when he had the chance to meet him, he sent Eastwood a letter instead telling him what an inspiration Clint has been to him. “Clint has always been an inspiration of mine. As a matter of fact, Clint has always been my inspiration as an actor… With Clint, not only has he been my inspiration, (but he`s) my one and only man crush,” Rock said.

“We were at the Oscars and I was doing red carpet and when I was done with an interview, I turn around and there he is, he`s walking in with his wife… I was like, `Oh man, this is it!` And then I froze. I completely froze. I couldn`t pull the trigger… I looked at his wife; she smiled, I smiled at her… I didn`t meet him,” he added.

“I wrote him a letter recently… He`s been such an inspiration to me (and) I just wanted to take the time to write him a letter… I know that he received it, and in the letter it wasn`t, `Hey, here`s my number, please call me`, it was, `I want you to know that you`re my inspiration`, that was it,” he said.

Video Of The Rock’s Appearance On The Jay Leno Show

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– John Cena posted the following tweet on WWE’s tour in Salisbury, MD:

“To commemorate the @WWE journey to Salisbury MD 2nite I have been eating Salisbury steaks for 24hrs.” features a story about the work Mick Foley does with RAINN. features an article to look up the public transportation rail service that will be running during WrestleMania weekend. The site included a PDF file of the public transportation schedule for those that will be using it which you can find here.