Roddy Piper Responds To Being Ranked #1 Villain In Wrestling, Talks Piper’s Pit

WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper was recently ranked as the #1 villain in wrestling history by WWE Classics. Piper spoke with WWE’s website about the ranking. Here are a few highlights:

WWE CLASSICS: How does it feel to be ranked as the No. 1 villain in sports-entertainment history?

RODDY PIPER: Actually, I’m quite honored and I’ll tell you why. The very first individual that breaks out in my mind as a top villain is Gorgeous George, and it’s hard to beat the first guy.

WWE CLASSICS: How did you become a great bad guy?

PIPER: There was a lot of work that people don’t know about that I did to establish my villain persona. There were a lot of miles on the road that went into it, thousands upon thousands of hours of writing on yellow pads while driving in my car with the dome light on. I can’t begin to tell you how many individuals in the industry would school me 24 hours a day. I would then perform at night and they would tear me up afterwards, over and over, to help me perfect my craft. So, from my point of view, I’m humbled, and I take this recognition by as a complete honor. It blows me away.

WWE CLASSICS: Piper’s Pit was a unique concept. How did the segment benefit you as a villain?

PIPER: Piper’s Pit was totally unscripted, everything just happened, thus innovation was a challenging must to accomplish. One of my early Pits involved a fellow named Frankie Williams, and I didn’t have a clue as to what I was going to do. So I asked him where he was from, and in the thickest Hispanic accent he said I’m from Columbus, Ohio. Bang, we’re on!