Latest Update On ROH Replacing TNA’s BaseBrawl Event In MCU Field In Brooklyn, NY

As reported, Saturday night Ring of Honor announced that on August 15, they will be returning to the New York area but not to the Hammerstein Ballroom. Instead they will be running The Brooklyn Cyclones’ MCU Field in Brooklyn, New York, replacing TNA and its annual BaseBrawl event the company has held every year since 2007. BaseBrawl has been an annual summer live event for TNA known for drawing sizable crowds as local sponsors get behind the show and it often features fundraising for some good causes. The biggest attendance TNA has received for the show was 5,500 in 2010.

ROH taking the show is a big steal for them, but no details are currently available as to how they did it or who decided ROH should run the stadium in place of TNA.