ROH Star Makes Anti-Gay Marriage Remarks, The Great Khali Wears Rey Mysterio Mask (Photo)

– Ring of Honor wrestler Jay Briscoe tweeted the following on Wednesday in response to the state of Delaware legalizing same-sex marriages:

It was reported earlier today that WWE is interested in signing the Briscoe Brothers, but this certainly won’t help their chances.

– On a lighter note, the Great Khali tweeted a picture of himself wearing a Rey Mysterio mask earlier today:

  • Remy ノクターン

    I get where he’s coming from and I totally understand the reasoning behind his tweets.

    • Chelsii❤

      You do? Sounds like he’s just a bigot.

      • Luke Niemiec

        Sorry…you unerstand the reasoning behind a man wanting to SHOOT someone for teaching his kids that everyone should have equal rights? I hope you don’t hold any kind of position of authority…

        • Remy ノクターン

          It’s reprehensible, but he’s a grown man and he knew what he was saying.

      • Remy ノクターン

        No doubt about it.

  • Makeitstop

    just give the belt back to steen