Roman Reigns & Billy Kidman Have Twitter Exchange After Reigns’ Restaurant Incident

As reported, Roman Reigns had a bad experience with his food and the manager at Campanile Restaurant in Los Angeles this afternoon and took to his Twitter to complain.

WWE producer Kidman tweeted the following after Reigns made his tweets:

Kidman’s tweet had a “hashtag angel smiley face” at the end. Reigns responded:

Kidman then tweeted the following:

  • Wwe fires everyone

    So what are they going to fucking fire Roman now too!?

    • Mark Bassett (MarkyB)

      OoooOOOh no! He said OLD MAN! lol

  • Adnan

    And this is the next “Face” of the Company

    • RReigns121314

      with every action is a reaction

  • Dissonance

    Hey, Roman, buy yourself a sense of humor if you’re not hurting in the pockets.


    Roman is being a lemon

  • why2jay

    Oldman?? That’s not how you spell Kidman…. I’ll get my coat.