Roman Reigns Talks About Fan Criticism On His Promos, Becoming WWE Champion, More

Roman Reigns recently spoke with to promote the December 26th live event in Chicago. Here are some highlights:

The Shield’s debut last year:
“It was a literally a rush. Looking back at it I felt like I was so unprepared. The funny thing is that day they wanted us to come out during the Triple Threat Match, with literally riot shields. They gave us turtlenecks and stuff and it didn’t really fit us, so we made a few adjustments. We were the new guys so all the eyes were on us and they wanted to see what we were made of. After that match, after we walked through the curtain, it was high fives all around. From that day forward, the three of us made a pact that we are in this together and whatever happens, we do it together.”

Their entrance through the crowd:
“I don’t know if it was creative or us but once the idea popped, we immediately said yes. I think it was a little bit of both, but we jumped on it. It’s a part of us now and it’s good for the show. I think it’s something that makes the aisle seats ‘hot seats’ because people want to be on TV or see us walk down the stairs. It’s a special bond with the fans and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Fans saying he can’t cut a promo:
“I’ve never been bothered about what a fan thinks. That’s their prerogative, that’s their opinion. Everybody can see what I am doing in ring, but people will still criticize me. I am a student of the game, so I’m working on things every day. If it’s not physical it’s mental and cutting promos is mental. Anytime I’m thinking about wrestling, I’m going to run thoughts through my head to improve myself in all areas.”

Becoming WWE Champion:
“In five years I want to be WWE Champion. It’s simple as that. If somebody else told you something else, they would be lying to you. I will be riding in a private plane called ‘Roman Air’ or ‘Roman Empire’. No matter what the plane is called, I will have gold around my waist.”

Photo: WWE Superstar Roman Reigns’ Mugshot

  • Mr Slippyfist

    Biggest problems I have with Reigns.

    1. He’s in the family business. Giving him perks that other, more talented people deserve.

    2. His finisher is a spear. Everyone does a spear, some people just call it a, takedown or tackle though. Its a good spot for a match, not a finisher. That goes for Kaitlyn too.

    3. He has that attitude of entitlement that I truly hate.

    • Bryan

      He also has that monotone boring randy orton personality. Seriously, the fact that they’re looking at him before ambrose and rollins kills me

    • LuckyCastan

      You are right…the only reason he is in the WWE is because of Dwayne “The Rock”

  • Jim Foreman

    I like Reigns and no matter what I say he will be World Champion, however I do feel that Ambrose and Rollins have more potential to be all round good draws. He says he wants to keep learning so who knows? The Shield all have the potential to be massive as singles competitors.

  • Wrestling Dog

    Love Reigns. Solid wrestler; nothing more, nothing less. Got the look. Beastly spear.
    But lets face it, he’s not ready to go it alone.
    In the promos Ambrose carries them, and says all the meaningful things. In the matches Ambrose and Rollins do the majority of the work, with Reigns coming in to finish it.
    Can he step up and do that alone…. not yet no.