Rory McAllister Interview Recap: Talks Highlanders, TNA & More

Thanks to Christopher Duke for sending this in:

The One Wrestling Show with Rory McAllister
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Rory McAllister of former WWE Tag Team The Highlanders recently appeared on Scottish radio show The One Wrestling Show.

On The Highlanders “fish out of water gimmick”:
No, we weren’t happy about that. Robbie and I were trained by the Hard family out of Canada, and we weren’t the biggest guys, so we decided to make our work a lot more aggressive, very old school, so people were afraid to work with us. We had been working with WWE for years before we signed our contracts and guys like Arn Anderson, Dave Finaly and Steamboat loved us, they seen us as the new “Sheephearders” . As a matter of fact, on our first day, Arn walked with us into creative and said “These guys are just like the Sheepherders” and one guy, I won’t say who, said “Who?”, Arn said “The Bushwackers” and they made us just like The Bushwackers.

On Derek Couch, Robbie McAllister:
He is as thick to me as blood, like a brother. He lives in Canada right now, but we are in contact all the time. We still work together, not all the time, as it is hard to get tag team bookings nowadays, believe it or not. He’s family to me, a hell of a guy.

On Robbie appearing on camera at TNA impact:
Yes, I knew he was going, and I knew what he was going to do too. He knew TNA were going to put him on screen, he knew he was going to be set up by Jarrett and, to be honest, I don’t think he cared because at that time we were so down on everything WWE. Robbie’s not a stupid guy, I know everyone said “that was a dumb move”, it wasn’t, he knew exactly what he was doing. One thing a wrestler knows is where the hard camera is, for him to be caught on Hard Cam, that wasn’t a stupid mistake, we both knew why he was going and knew our WWE careers were going to be coming to an end that night.

The One Wrestling Show airs LIVE every Tuesday at 10pm on, coming this week, an interview with the other half of The Highlanders, Robbie McAllister