Ross Comments On Raw Appearance, Wrestler Removed From FCW

— Jim Ross appeared on Raw last night to come to the defense of Jerry Lawler, who was being discredited by his WrestleMania opponent, Michael Cole. A war of words commenced which resulted in Ross challenging Cole to a duel. However, Jack Swagger attacked Ross and slapped an ankle lock on the WWE Hall of Famer before imploring Cole to do it him himself.

Ross commented on his return to Raw, writing on Twitter: “I’m sure u enjoyed Raw more than King & I. Appreciated SO much the reception I received in St. L. My leg is a mess. Swagger’s a beast. Thnx 4 overwhelming support 2nite. Over 108,000 followers. Very Humbling. Felt great being back @ ‘home’ on Raw. Ankle looks nasty 4 real.”

— WWE developmental wrestler Peter Orlov has launched a Twitter account.

— Kenny Li was removed from the Florida Championship Wrestling website’s roster page, which would indicate that he has been released by his developmental contract with WWE.

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