Rumor: Hulk Hogan Verbally Agrees To WWE Deal

Hulk Hogan has reportedly agreed to work with World Wrestling Entertainment again for a short-term run with the company according to a report by

Their report mentions that although Hogan has not signed a legends deal, he has verbally agreed to work a match and there is even talk of him being a surprised entrant in the 2014 Royal Rumble. Examiner wrote the following about Hogan’s return to the company:

“We knew this would happen at some point. It’s my understanding that there isn’t a contract in place, but there’s a verbal agreement that will move forward. It’s just a good fit for everybody involved, especially with the milestone WrestleMania 30 coming up. Hogan needed to finish up his stuff with TNA and just come home.”

As of this writing, can’t confirm any of the claims in their report, so take it with a grain of salt and just as a rumor.

  • boogie

    john cena vs hulk hogan? say it aint so… :P

    • hosep

      that match would never end and would only have a combination of 8 different moves

      • justaguy92122

        and all 8 of them suck, maybe rowdy rider piper can be the guest referree and Cindi Lauper can sing the national anthem

        • Hollyvvood Hunter

          and your ass would still mark out but your to much of a mark to admit it…smh

          • justaguy92122

            when u get done blowing HHH and want to have an intelligent conversation let me know

      • Hollyvvood Hunter

        if you really cared about moves you would have known this by now junior….go watch mma and watch roadhouse and fondle yourself.

  • trevwinters

    Worth the paper it’s written on…..

    • Helen Richter

      It could just be hype foe the fans
      I’ll Believe it when I see it or Hulk Hogan say’s it is so.

  • Chad Smith

    A “surprised” entrant in the Royal Rumble? How does that work? Does he all of sudden realize ” Holy $hit!! I’m in the Royal Rumble!!”

    • aston

      the surprise would be for the audience?

      • Ppl like u are mental

        I’m sure it was a joke … Mr.Wad

  • Larry Brown

    The man can barely walk some days and they want him for a match?

    • tobimobi

      Yeah I actually get a little nausea just thinking about him falling from the top rope.

      • Larry Brown

        NO kidding. I think he could get in and take some shots but when it came to going over the top or even if they had him on the outside falling off the apron to the floor id still be freaked out. Although I have to admit until that happened Id be 10 yrs old again if his music hit for the rumble

  • Jay Ciaravino

    This just in: Hogan verbally agrees to return to WWE. The problem, however, is that WWE has yet to invite him back. Stay tuned for more info.