Rumors Of Vince McMahon & Triple H Being At Odds Over WWE Creative & WrestleMania 31

There have been a lot of rumors going around of Vince McMahon and Triple H “butting heads” creatively, including who to have Brock Lesnar face at WrestleMania 31. The rumor is that Vince wants The Rock vs. Lesnar while Triple H wants Roman Reigns vs. Lesnar.

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that there is certainly word going around WWE that Vince sometimes undercuts Triple H and makes him look bad but it could be a case of the “good cop/bad cop” dynamic. Meltzer noted that he doesn’t sense any strong negative feelings between the two.


  • Jam

    Whenever I read Meltzer says something, I always cut to the next article.

  • James Perry

    if Meltzer is reporting there are no strong Negative feelings, THEY MUST HATE EACH OTHER

  • Melissa

    Personally, I like neither of those options…..

  • thatpj

    Well Vince is right this time. Reigns blows. Orton carried him at Summerslam.

    • thesmarktank

      Yep. Out of multiple participant matches (tag teams, battle royals, the like) Reigns sucks. He can’t go one on one, at least not now. Maybe one day… maybe.

  • CMP

    Dave Meltzer “reports” are about as reliable as a crackhead’s promise to pay you back that $50 he borrowed.

    • Joshua Williams

      Why the hell would you loan a crackhead $50?

      • CMP

        He’s my brother’s best friend’s sister’s nephew’s roomate. He said he’d pay me back!

        • Joshua Williams

          Live and learn my friend

          • CMP

            Man, you guys take internet comments a little too literally, don’t you?

          • Joshua Williams

            Apparently you do. I was just playing along. They seriously need a sarcasm indicator on these threads.

        • Trenton Langloss


        • RReigns121314

          Lost for words…

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    I’d have to go with Vince on this one.

    Reigns vs Lesnar will just end in predictable fashion.

    Rock vs Brock, as much as i dislike having these part-timers return let alone main event Wrestlemania, this would be the best option not only to increase buy rates, but also to bring star power to the show.

    Who knows, maybe if Reigns changes his persona slightly and looks less indestructible, more human and pose as a legitimate threat i could dig it. Right now, he’s too babyish for me, he has a limited moveset and most of his matches end in the same way more or less, if he brings more to his character and unpredictability then i can enjoy watching Lesnar vs Reigns.

  • codys moustache

    Who the fuck is this meltzer guy??? Even though I can believe that this is in fact true, I wanna know how meltzer gets his info? it seems like he just hangs around behind the scenes fishing for gossip from anyone he can find.
    Anywho. To both vince and hunter both ideas are shit!
    Reigns isn’t ready and a part timer beating a part timer in the main event? Did vince not see how Brock destroyed cena. Rock is nt the guy to beat lesner, however from a business standpoint rock vs Brock is the bigger money match

  • Kurama91

    it’s too early for that KID to face Brock. too early, he at least needs 6 more years to get into a position to wrestle Against the beast!. Triple H is crazier than vince these days. LOL

  • RReigns121314

    Why does everyone hate Reigns??? Give the guy a break and time!

    • thesmarktank

      Let’s put it in perspective. Compare him to Rollins and Ambrose who are light years ahead of him on the mic and in the ring. So, why, WHY, is Reigns the most pushed? Only answers: His look or his family. Both answers suck, he’s being crammed down our throat like so much has in the past. If you boo Cena or Batista, but not Reigns, you’re a hypocrite.

      • RReigns121314

        He’s gradually improving on both of those
        and plus in the Shield he was seen as the stand out guy/the powerhouse….. not a high flyer or a mat technician like Rollins and Ambrose, he has his own unique style even with his gear which is why he’s being pushed despite his look, but sure his look may be whats edging him but he does it well!
        Anyway you should blame wwe for having their motto be “best built or best looking” ‘face of the company’!
        Batista complains when he doesnt get what he wants which is why he’s boo’d (not complaining bcoz its fun to watch), Cena is boo’d because ppl are tired of seeing and hearing the same crap week in and week out and giving these plastered-on smiles just because he’s the “franchise” of the company. The question is why is HE the “franchise” of the company when HE can barely wrestle?!

        • thesmarktank

          Cena is a far better wrestler than Reigns. And not just because of his experience, Cena debuted as a better wrestler than Reigns… then Cena’s move set got much more stinted. But there is nothing special about Reigns. Give it time. You will see, he’ll develop to be a whole lot of nothing and then he’ll blame everybody but himself.

          • RReigns121314

            Yeah we’ll see about that