Rumors On Samoa Joe Debuting At The Royal Rumble

Samoa Joe has been a hot topic as a potential main roster call up this month within WWE. The idea right now is that he will possibly be a surprise entrant in The Rumble, but that could always change.

Joe was said to be recently banged up last month, but it now appears that he is all healed up as he worked last Thursday’s NXT tapings in a dark match. It’s also worth noting that Joe hasn’t been a regular on NXT television and really doesn’t have a storyline on that brand. This is another indication that he will be called up soon.

It’s been rumored for the past several months now that once Joe ends his feud with Nakamura, that he would be headed to the main roster. It’s also said that when he does make his debut, he will most-likely be on the SmackDown brand.

  • Armadillo_KSA

    Having him on Smackdown will make it even much better than Raw

    • Leon Nick Perkins

      Lol. It’s already better, adding Joe will make it even more obvious

      • Armadillo_KSA

        That’s exactly what I said

        • Leon Nick Perkins

          Besides, if he goes to raw, he will end up losing to Roman reigns at some point. Just another desperate attempt to get Roman over lol

          • Armadillo_KSA

            I agree but actually there could be a compelling story having him face Reigns where Joe can bring up that he was always shadowed by the famous Ano’ah family but he’s superior,etc.

          • JustusX

            Quick question: since when has WWE put a non-WWE star over what is considered WWE-royalty. Daniel Bryan is the closest thing that came about, but let’s be honest… what’s his record vs. John Cena??? That is a serious question by the way. Remember what was it… Roadblock or Fastlane?

          • Dawn Rodriguez

            Wouldn’t that be last year when they put AJ over Cena? They do it if the person is a draw. A draw has to be more then getting cheers from the crowd. They have to make money. The issue is a lot of the people that people love and cheer for do not sell merchandise for some reason. They are a company, they have to have the appeal on screen AND make them money. AJ’s merch sold out the first day. So, he got pushed, went over on CENA who has sold the most merch since forever, and is still in championship picture. Yes I know he is champ but I mean since he went against Cena, he never left the picture even when Ambrose was champ until he won it. I do think he will be losing it soon though.

          • JustusX

            This is what I’ll say about the AJ Styles situation:
            1. AJ definitely deserves it. Daniel Bryan deserved it. Heck, Roman Reigns deserved it when his build was organic.
            2. Look at the circumstances – brand division, John Cena taking time off, VKM for whatever reason not being sold on Dean Ambrose

            Here is WWE’s huge glaring problem. The TNA guys that came over to NXT/WWE, if given the appropriate opportunity, would be overshadowing every single WWE character. But VKM has never done that. Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, AJ, EY… heck, remember how much VKM trashed Christian when he came back to WWE from TNA???

          • Dawn Rodriguez

            Here is what most people are seeming to forget. Most of the people they brought over from TNA signed to NXT to be in NXT. Most of them said they didn’t care some didn’t even want to move up to the main roster. They were happy with what they were getting paid in NXT. We want them to move up but we do not control what they want or have discussed. Could they be good? Yes, of course they can. But the deals when they came over were for NXT. Even Balor said he didn’t care if he ever got moved up at one point. NXT is less of a work load for good pay for the known guys at least. The ones training I am sure get less but the TNA guys were signed to help with the new guys training. Just that alone was better then TNA to them. AJ Styles was signed to WWE, not NXT brand and so they made sure to use him properly to get what they can out of him because it is a business. Christian wasnt so much being trashed for being a TNA guy when he came back but for leaving the company in the first place only to want to come back. He left because he felt he needed to do something else and then ended up coming back, so he had to start at the bottom. Thats pretty much just the way it has always been with people that leave one company to go to another.

  • Jason Jiang

    Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles again, this time in WWE, 10 years in the making

  • Boss

    They tried to make him a babyface in NXT didn’t work. Heel Joe is where it’s at. Granted the Main Roster is a different monster maybe babyface Joe will work there. Question is do you hold off on a Joe vs AJ match or do it as soon as possible? People would really be shocked if he showed up RAW Monday night after he debuts at the Rumble.

  • Straight_Edge89

    I don’t like the idea of him debuting in the Rumble, not a fan of seeing him have to lose right off the bat as his introduction. Didn’t like it when it happened with AJ, it was a cool shocker when AJ came out but i hated him getting thrown out like some midcarder shortly after.

    • Candido Muriel

      Maybe he wins it. A longshot, but Vince pushed AJ bcuz of good reactions, and Joe proved himself in NXT already so it’s possible.

    • Boss

      With AJ it was a HUGE surprise. Granted rumors suggested it might be happening but nobody was really sure it was 50/50 at best. With Joe we’re all expecting it, so it’s not a surprise. Might get a good reaction but like you said hate to see him lose off the bat, plus with Goldberg, Lesnar, in the Rumble they wouldn’t let Joe do much. So why waste it. I’d rather him show up on RAW or SMACKDOWN after the Rumble.

    • RomansGoldenShovel

      every time you eliminate someone you basically won against that person. if joe eliminates a few people and last awhile thats not taking a loser in my eyes. makes him look strong. wins and losses dont matter in wwe. its all about looking strong

  • Whyohwhy

    The only way a good rumble debut for joe can go well is if hes in the final 3/4 and brock and goldberg are long gone and hes eliminated by nefarious tactics