Ryback Responds To Goldberg Chants At WWE Show (Video), Ex-WWE Referee Joins Twitter

– Since Ryback’s debut in WWE last year, the powerhouse wrestler has been frequently subject to “Goldberg!” chants due his perceived similarities to the former grappling standout. At Saturday’s WWE live event in Sydney, Australia, Ryback responded to fans’ chants of the memorable wrestler prior to his encounter with John Cena. Video of the incident is available here.

According to the individual who posted the video, Cena taunted Ryback following this by saying, “You should be happy they’re calling you Goldberg and not wanker.”

– Former WWE official Wes Adams is now on Twitter at WesAdams1980. Adams verified his account on his Facebook page: “Well I finally did it…..I got a Twitter so I can start tweetering tweets and twits and what not. I still don’t understand what to do with the hash tags but if you want to start following me @WesAdams1980 that would be cool!”

– On Friday, The Bella Twins met fans at the NBC Experience Store in New York City. The official WWE website has posted photos from the event.

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