Ryback Says He Was Released & Clears Tweets Again (Photo)

After the interesting evening Ryback had on Twitter today, he has deleted every tweet as PWMania.com noted, and now has a blank timeline on Twitter. Here’s one of the tweets he made before clearing everything out:

“I once botched my finish on live tv against Tensai. Not one to make excuses but was deathly sick had not eaten all day and he sandbagged me”

After Ryback deleted all of his tweets, he wrote that he was released. He then deleted that tweet but here’s a screencap:

There is no indication that this is anything more than him continuing to “troll” the online wrestling community.

Photos Of The Original Idea For Ryback

  • Brad

    Hope this isn’t true and he’s working twitter

    • Ryback Sucks

      Well I hope its true!

  • RVD4Life

    Hope this is true.. get this waste of space out of the ring

  • Fattu

    Please be true, this guy sucks more then Goldberg!