Ryback Talks About Advice WWE Gave Him If He Wants To Be a Top Star, His Crazy Diet

Ryback spoke with IndiaTimes.com while in Mumbai promoting WWE 2K14 this week. He talked about how much he eats:

“I eat all the time. I eat everything from chicken to steak to egg whites. I’m on the run all the time and if I stop at a restaurant, I order at least two omelettes with chicken. I eat eight to 10 times a day. And I work out for three hours, with yoga and stretching, strength or weight training and conditioning. Everyone has different genetics, and I come from a larger family. Some people are built skinnier naturally. You just have to eat a lot and then work out.”

Ryback also said WWE told him if he wants to be a top star, don’t have a family:

“The WWE told me if I wanted to be the best, the best bet was to stay single and not start a family. I’m a loner and that is what I’ve given up to be what I am. I’ve had girlfriends, but at this point, I have to do what I need to do.”

  • Total Wafflez

    Actually that is good advice if you are going to do that for a career..

  • Jake Fury

    Well that’s nice of them. Vince, Linda, Steph, Shane, they can have a family but if a wrestler wants to, oh no, that could damage your career. I think they should let people make up their minds. A lot of wrestlers had/have families and they managed to juggle both.

  • CJ2100

    @jakefury:disqus well they run the company so of course they can do what they want and give advice. IMO, being single is the best thing to be successful in the WWE. Yes, there are a few people who are successful with a family, but most of the time, it WILL interfere with the work and could really affect their careers. Examples: Ted Dibiase, Kharma, etc.