Ryder & Hawkins’ WWE TV Anniversary, Chyna Update, More

– Former WWE star Chyna spoke with CelebBuzz.com this week to talk about getting in shape for her new porn parody from Vivid Entertainment that’s out this month. Chyna talks about how she has changed her diet since her time with WWE:

“First and foremost, diet is very important. When I was wrestling, I ate as much meat as I could. Boys would have eating contests with me, so I would get bigger that way. Now my diet has completely changed. No salt, I crave vegetables all the time [and] 75 percent of my body change was [due to] diet.”

– This week marks 5 years since WWE Superstars Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder made their WWE TV debuts on ECW as The Major Brothers, defeating the team of Matt Striker and Marcus Cor Von. 5 years later, Hawkins is in the middle of a storyline release on NXT and Ryder wrestles Michael McGillicutty on this week’s Superstars.