Sabin Suffers Injury During TNA Impact, HBK Thanks Hogan

— Shawn Michaels posted the following message on his Twitter account in response to Hulk Hogan giving him a shout out while hosting the National Spicy Chicken Taste Test yesterday in The Heartbreak Kid’s hometown of San Antonio, Texas.

He wrote, “Hear from u all the Hulkster’s in town. I hope our city is treating him well. I appreciate the shout out from him. Hope he is well.”

— Chris Sabin injured his knee during a match against Anarquia that aired on tonight’s episode of TNA iMPACT!.

The Motor City Machine Gun member attempted a springboard clothesline and tweaked his knee due to Anarchia being out of position to receive the move. The referee was instructed to end the bout when it appeared Sabin was injured. Anarchia performed a small package to conclude the match.

Mexican America beat down Sabin before Alex Shelley appeared to fend them off.

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source: Pro Wrestling Torch