Sammartino Documentary, Goldust/Divas, Punk, Vickie, Ryder

– A documentary on the life of wrestling legend Bruno Sammartino will be completed in September, after being worked on for years. A feature film is also being worked on but they’re still in the raising money stages because Sammartino insists on doing it as an independent release, so studios don’t “Hollywoodize” it up. The movie is being done by Home Alone’s Scott Rosenfelt and Sammartino is meeting with Liar, Liar writer and former WWE writer Paul Guay this week about working on the project.

– Zack Ryder revealed on Twitter that his first WWE Authentic t-shirt will be released at Monday’s RAW in Hampton, Virginia and then online.

– WWE has removed CM Punk from their roster page and there is no longer a WWE Champion feature on the WWE roster page.

– Goldust has been one of the agents working with WWE’s Divas as of late.

– Vickie Guerrero is booked for the WWE SmackDown live event on September 24th from her hometown of El Paso, Texas.

– WWE’s July 16th Supershow in Milwaukee, Wisconsin drew 5,200 fans for $150,000.