Samoa Joe Debuts At WWE NXT Takeover: Unstoppable, Former TNA Knockout Also Appears & More

– Samoa Joe made his NXT debut at Takeover after the main event featuring Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens. As Owens was beating on Sami who was not defending himself, Joe’s music hit and he made his way to the ring to confront Owens. They had a stare down, then Owens left the ring and went to the back. As Joe was soaking in the reaction from the crowd, Owens made his way back to ringside and said, “not tonight”.

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– In case you missed it, former TNA Knockout Sarita (aka CMLL star Sarah Stock) was one of the women showing off Tyler Breeze’s “new Spring line” during his entrance. She has been helping out at the Performance Center, training talents, several times in recent months.

The others were NXT trainees Gionna Daddio, Jasmine Areebi and Dasha Kuret.

  • teh_LoU

    “I am Samoa Joe! I am pro wre…..errr I am sports entertainment!”

    • The Mike (a.k.a Mikael)

      And Kevin Owens,I want to wrest…err sports entertain you for the NXT Championship lol

  • Captain N

    LOL…money talks….very few are willing to say no to the WWE . Its a shame too bc WWE really doesnt do many outsiders justice.

    Sting was the biggest holdout, and eventually he sold out thanks to Hogan feeding him the dream….and that turned out horrible.

    Bully came back to do the Rumble, then did a ref gig for one night in TNA and now hes begging for a NXT appearance.

    The Young Bucks are the only recent ones coming to mind that said no…prior to them, the Wolves.

    Samoa Joe wont have a good WWE run as seen with former TNA talent that jumped ship.

    • Nick Mancuso

      You know, he hasn’t even been booked for anything yet and you’re already shit canning him #WrestlingFans

      • Justin Cissom

        I don’t think you’re getting what he is saying. It’s like many people have said here (more specifically myself) and at other places… if NXT were the goal that WWE had in mind, no one…. let me repeat that… NO ONE… would be complaining.

        Problem is, NXT is not the goal. Raw and Smackdown are. Why is it that guys like Danielson, CM Punk, Justin Gabriel, so many countless others, all of their best quality work was never in a WWE ring? I’m not saying that WWE talent isn’t good. Quite the contrary, they are good. Maybe not the best, but still good for the most part. They’re just not allowed to showcase their talent.

      • Captain N

        Read the next 4 weeks of spoilers for NXT and get back to me lol !!

  • rollins

    Joe’s gonna Kill you

  • J.West

    If only Ring of Honor had a competant creative team and the vision to grow. All of these NXT stars were just as good in ROH but good ol ROH fails to capitolize on all the talent that comes through their dojo.

  • Marck-WWEDivas

    Hope Sarita debut soon or at least made an appearance match with one of the NXT Divas <3