Samoa Joe Says TNA Troubles Are Being Overblown, Talks About TNA’s Future & More

In an interview with the UK Mirror, Samoa Joe downplayed speculation regarding TNA’s future after online reports of low attendance and financial problems surfaced.

“I honestly think it’s being blown out of proportion,” Joe said about TNA’s struggles. “I think I’m beyond sitting here and knocking people for what they do, but I mean, I see the company doing well. I think it’s growing. I would love the company to build, and tear those preconceptions so we can be seen in a better light. You can sit here, speculate all you want, or you can get something done and make a difference.”

Joe added that the company has undergone some big changes over the past year, and talked about what TNA needs to do to grow their brand.

“There’s no perfect answer – if there was, I’d be printing pamphlets,” he joked. “The first step of any advancement, they have to be consistent at a high standard – everything from creative to what goes on in the ring. There’s definitely been a reshuffle; the company looks very different from even a year ago. Different in the sense that young talent are getting more of a chance now. That’s not just to do with AJ (Styles), but there’s a lot of things within TNA that have changed.”