Samoa Joe Talks Current Spot In TNA, Creative Frustrations, Lockdown In Miami & More

Samoa Joe recently spoke with the Miami Herald promoting Lockdown this Sunday. Here are the highlights.

His current main event spot: “It’s a tremendous honor and a great place to be in right now. It’s one I’ve always strive for and not shied away from. I always welcome the opportunity to be in this position and looking forward to capitalizing on it this weekend.”

Creative frustrations in his career: “A lot of times I felt in the company those agents who didn’t want to see me at the top of the card. Now a lot of those people have kind of fallen to the waist side, and I’m kind of strong and have stayed very consistent in my ability in what I am able to do in the ring. I was always in it for the long haul, so the wait hasn’t really bothered me as much as it has the fan base…”

His in-ring confidence heading into Lockdown: “I’m the deadliest professional wrestler in professional wrestling. Nobody ever wants to step into the ring with me. Nobody looks forward to wrestling me. I’m trouble on all ends and always have been. Winning that championship will be affirmation of that. I’m looking forward to proving to the world that I’m still the very best.”

Heading to Miami: “I’ve had the opportunity to travel down to Miami several times throughout my life,” Joe added. “It’s a very fun city. I have many fond memories there that probably aren’t fit for this conference call from Miami. It’s a town that is filled with very exuberant people. I think they will bring that energy to Lockdown.”