Samoa Joe Talks Impact Needing To Go On The Road, More

TNA star Samoa Joe participated in a conference call this week to promote Sunday’s Against All Odds pay-per-view. Here are some highlights, courtesy of Wrestling Voice Radio:

The Importance of Restoring Prestige to the Tag Team Championships: “I think it’s absolutely key. Some of the greatest matches that have been ever been wrestled have been Tag Team matches, some of the greatest wrestlers have been Tag Team wrestlers, I think Tag Team wrestling, I don’t know where it fell out of favor, if I’m part of the resurgence and part of making it relevant again then I’m all for that.”

If his Partnership with Magnus Go Further than their Tag Team Title Shot This Sunday: “I think that remains to be seen, I’d like that to continue, I think there’s a nice symbiosis between myself and Magnus, I think the Championship Committee put us together because they thought we’d self destruct and kill two birds with one stone because I’m a problem. I’ve always been a problem and I think TNA are trying to figure out how to contain this problem and their best bet was put oil with vinegar and watch it not mix, and watch it not work out and watch them work themselves into oblivion but obviously we’ve totally ruined that planned and we plan to continue on and rampage on.”

TNA Needing To Move Out of the IMPACT Zone: “I feel it is of dire importance if you want to see the product as well as the fan base continue to grow, people want to see wrestling in their hometown, they wanna go to live events and they want to be part of the experience and forgive me for using the same adjective again but its a very symbiotic experience where the crowd very much powers the performance in the ring and its almost subconscious, when you are out there in front of thousands of screaming fans it amps up your game a little bit, whether you like it or not, it puts you on point, it puts you on focus and makes you want to go out there and put something on fantastically. I think what you saw last week (TV taping from England) was very much evident of that.”

His Proudest Moment in the Company thus far: “Winning the Heavyweight Champions, for a bevy of reasons, first and foremost because it was from an athlete like Kurt Angle, is world renowned and world class and one of the top players in the game and I look forward to replicating that experience here in the near future.”

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