“Score” Intern Says He Sent Rodgers’ WWE Belt; Not Flair?

Earlier today, as we reported, Ric Flair appeared on ESPNEWS and claimed that he sent Aaron Rodgers and The Green Bay Packers two WWE World Title belts, one of which Rodgers was seen wearing as he was being presented his MVP award.

However, in a new article posted over at CBSLocal.com, Mike Dubajic, an intern for “The Score,” was the one who is responsible for Rodgers getting the title belt. The following is an excerpt from the article:

“Dubajic bought the WWE championship wrestling belt, which is missing a gem, on WWE.com, in what he calls the best $375 he ever spent in his life. Last week, while in Dallas for the Super Bowl, he made sure the belt found its way into Rodgers’ hands.

“On Friday I went to the team hotel, and access to get into the hotel was very, very difficult as you’d probably imagine,” he said. “But one of the Packers security guys saw the belt, came over and grabbed it from me; swore to me over and over again that he would give it to Aaron, and he kept his promise.”

And when a WWE belt appeared on Rodgers’ shoulder has he accepted the MVP award, there was no doubt that it was the Dubajic’s. The belt is easily identifiable by its missing red diamond gem.”