Scott Hall Moving In with DDP & Jake, New Moves For WWE ’13, Ryback Comments On The Rock

– previously reported that Scott Hall was going to try Diamond Dallas Page’s DDPYOGA. Apparently Hall will be moving into the house that Page has with Jake Roberts in Atlanta so he can use the program to fight his health and personal problems. Roberts has lost over 50 pounds since moving in with Page.

– WWE Games will be making an announcement regarding the next WWE ’13 DLC pack today. Mike sent word that the following moves will be available with the DLC pack:

* Brock Lesnar’s Kimura Lock, Chris Jericho’s Lionsault, Triangle dropkick, The Hart Lock, Top Rope Super German Suplex, Superkick, Pedigree combo, Delayed vertical suplex powerslam, Omega Driver, Airplane spin, Top rope brainbuster, Flapjack, Cutter combo, Small package driver, Sleeper suplex, Brock Lock, Spinning double leg takedown, Fujiwara Armbar, Pin-up Strong, Single lift underhook DDT, Back elbow corner strikes, Half-nelson backbreaker

– Ryback tweeted the following about The Rock’s return to RAW tonight:

“Lets see if @therock is still cookin. Feeding Time. #FeedMeMore”

  • Brett Chandler

    Would love for the Koji Clutch to be in there, but I’m glad we’re getting the Kimura Lock and a Fujiwara Armbar. Top rope brainbuster looks sick, judging from the trailers. Good pack.