Scott Hall Shares His Thoughts On The Undertaker’s WWE Future

Scott Hall gave his thoughts on Undertaker’s future on Friday’s PWTorch Livecast.

“I wonder – 21-0, right?. 21’s a cool number to end on,” he told editor Wade Keller during his two-and-a-half hour interview yesterday.

“I know Taker isn’t afraid to gamble and play a little blackjack. 21 is a winner. Winner-winner, chicken dinner. That’s a decision for Taker to make. I personally don’t see an end in sight for Taker. He’s such an attraction, he only has to make a few appearances a year to have an impact. I don’t know if he still wants to… Maybe a guy like Ziggler. I don’t know if he’s at that box office level yet to go against Taker at WrestleMania. I personally don’t see any guys yet who are ready for Taker. That might have been the WrestleMania to watch, maybe the last match for Taker. My instinct, though, is I don’t feel he’s done. But that’s his call.”

  • Mackenzie Lambert

    My thoughts exactly. Punk and Taker had a hell of a match and would make for a fitting final WM match.

  • derfd

    Punk vs undertaker is not epic as IWQC moron fuckinh assoles say may be its best of the night 22 minutes of some ordinary wretslin doe not make anythin epic fuckin clowns