Scott Hall Talks About Getting Help From DDP, Working For Vince & Eric, Fandango & More

Scott Hall recently spoke with Wrestling101. Here are some highlights:

You have been doing DDP Yoga for a while now, what has it been like for you and how has it changed your life?

I’m staying at the ‘Accountability Crib’ with Dallas in Atlanta, and my son Cody who is 21-years old, Dallas invited him to come and join us here, and he’s just breaking into the wrestling business so that has been great. I’ve known Dallas for a long time, over 20 years, and it’s been great what he’s done for me.

Dallas is a truly unique individual, he legitimately and sincerely cares about other people. He really enjoys helping other people and here at the crib four or five times a week people will come in, we’ll move the furniture out of the way in the living room, spread the yoga mats out and Dally either personally leads a group of people in a workout or they throw one of the DVD’s up on the TV and they workout to one of Dally’s DDP Yoga videos.

He’s not charging anybody anything, he’s not motivated by money, he genuinely gets high, he gets this fix off helping people. It’s really great to be around this positive environment, because for some reason I was just secluding myself and staying in dark places. Now I feel as though I’ve ventured out into the light and working on my tan. I never had any problems professionally, it was personal life that was a problem for me, professionally I couldn’t have scripted a better life.

How would you compare Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff as bosses?

It’s no secret that Vince McMahon comes from a long line of wrestling promoters, his grandfather was a promoter, his father was a promoter and Vince is a promoter, his children are involved in the business, his son in law Triple H is basically running the day-to-day operations of the WWE now and I think he deserves to.

The way I’ll express it is Vince is like your boss, Eric Bischoff is younger, he’s a different kind of cat and he was really hungry at the time when we met him because WCW had not been successful before. He took a gamble laid down some big money and got us in and it worked, then he was able to have more leverage, make more decisions and grow his empire, it was kind of mismanaged in the long run but at the time it was great.

To me Eric is like a guy, he’s like a dude, where as Vince is the boss. I’ve had many ‘f**k you’ conversations with Eric, he was just like one of the guys he wasn’t like a boss.

You’ve had a few spells with TNA, what were your experiences of TNA like?

I was on the very first TNA PPV ever, which was from Birmingham, Alabama and at that time Jeff Jarretts dad Jerry Jarrett was the owner and the boss and I have known Jerry from early on in my wrestling career and I had worked for his wrestling promotion in Tennessee, I have a lot of respect for Jerry Jarrett, he is a really smart guy and I like being around smart people. I jumped at the chance to be near Jerry Jarrett and it was real fun, I only signed a short term contract, something like three shows.

The company then changed hands and I only went back a few times after that to do some stuff with Kev and Sean Waltman. I know Dixie carter who runs TNA now is a wonderful lady and she is passionate about wrestling and I hear that Hulk and Eric have more control over the company now which I think is a good thing because those two guys are proven winners.

Who are some of the current wrestlers that really stand out for you at the moment?

As far a current stars go, I like this kid Fandango, I think he is funny, I think he is a great athlete and I wish him nothing but success. I like the Prime Time Players, particularly Titus O’Neil, the guy is a stud, a great athlete and I expect big things out of him. I’m a Ryback fan, he has the potential to be a huge star, no disrespect to him but at the moment he is a little bit inexperienced, a little bit green is the term we use in the industry.

In my opinion the glare of the spotlight can either make things blossom or that bright light can wilt things, you either blossom or you shrivel up and you die.

I’ve only started watching wrestling again in the last couple of months but I think the business is in good hands, there are some great young hungry guys out there who are going to carry the business forward into the next decade. I know with Triple H running the company he’s a smart guy and he loves the wrestling business, so I think the WWE is in good hands.