Scott Steiner Returns To Action Tonight & Continues Anti-TNA Rants

– It’s Steiner Time!! Here is Scott Steiner’s latest Twitter rant. He rips the latest episode of Impact Wrestling:

“The 3 assholes continue to book low rated shows,there was 9-10 segments wasted on b—hoff a Guy who nobody cares about and is no longer on the show,and the indy wrestler that nobody cares About and has been on the show one time,what a waste of valuable air time,the gut check segments Were brutal and hard too watch,hogan looked like an idiot in a segment with anderson… Hard to believe that 3 ppl that claim to be so smart book a show so bad!!!wheres their accountability

“After tweeting 4 wks about hogans ex wife saying hes gay,Flair’s first words to start the show was Hogan keeps playing with me,LOL,which made the guys in the back pop,these 3 idiots are clueless

“b—hoff had 4-5 segments about him,hogan was all over show,now pritchard had a couple segments … WHY!!!they dont wrestle at house shows,Tv’s or PPV,way to book yurself on the show,,MARKS… So the 3 marks book themselves on 12-13 segments,FF’n unbelievable”

– Tonight, Scott Steiner will be appearing for Hannibal Pro Wrestling in Smiths Falls, Ontario. He faces Canadian Heavyweight Champion Jeremy Prophet. Steiner appeared on Bob’s Breakfast to promoting tonight’s event and also spoke on his recent anti-TNA rants. Embedded below is the interview: