Scott Steiner Reveals Why He Hasn’t Signed A WWE Legends Deal (Video)

Scott Steiner was on hand for the San Diego Comic-Con, where he briefly spoke out on his career and action figures. During an interview with Ringside Collectibles, Steiner was asked if there’s any chance of him signing a WWE Legends deal, which enables WWE to create new merchandise in the talent’s likeness, with the talent being compensated. He said:

“Well, I’ve been asked for a Legends contract. Unfortunately, my lawyer explained to me that it’s not worth the paper it’s written on.”

Steiner is a playable character in WWE 2K14 but video game deals with former talent are separate from WWE Legends contracts.

  • Sean Jones

    and by lawyer, he means the guy who sells him roids

  • Rolf Ottens

    He is a playable character in 2k14? I guess you have to download him then/

  • RReigns121314

    Why is he wearing a NWO tshirt?!