Scott Steiner and TNA Lawyers Scheduled For Court, British Boot Camp Finalists At BFG

– Scott Rechsteiner, famously known as Scott Steiner, and legal representatives of TNA Wrestling are scheduled for a court hearing in Nashville, Tennessee on October 26, according to court records on

The hearing stems from Rechsteiner filing a Counter Claim against TNA in Nashville Chancery Court on September 10, which initially filed a formal complaint against the grappler to prevent him from making “disparaging remarks” about the organization and its employees on Twitter. TNA complains that Steiner’s comments breached a contract he signed in December 2010 stating that he is “forbidden from making public statements, including messages online, concerning TNA or any of its employees without prior approval.”

TNA filed a motion to dismiss Steiner’s claim on October 9.

– Jeremy Borash noted on Twitter that the finalists of British Boot Camp are in Phoenix, Arizona for this weekend’s Bound For Glory festivities. The program, which has been commissioned by Challenge TV and will air in December, will follow four Brits attempting to win a full-time TNA contact.

The finalists are wrestling twins Hannah and Holly Blossom, Marty Scurll and Rockstar Spud.

– Hulk Hogan tweeted the following regarding Bound For Glory: “It up to Sting and Bully Ray To stop this and save the day,BFG this Sunday is a game changer,I know Sting and Bully r gonna win it all.

“Phoenix and our Bound For Glory PPV is gonna be crazy this Sunday,please do t miss it,aces&8’s have one shot to get in our company TNA and Looking foward to HOF with TNA IMPACT WRESTLING,STING is a real Icon,in the ring with him last Thursday reminded just how big he really is.”

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