Scott Steiner’s Continues His Daily Trend; Latest Anti-Hogan Rant

In what appears to be turning into a daily feature, Scott Steiner took to his Twitter again today to bash Hulk Hogan. Here is his latest rant:

“Wtf hogan in the fantasy world u live in u need to get hookd on phonics so u can read… U stupid motherf–ker,my tweets havent bn about what i believe, but about what u have done… Now u have a cystal ball in yur fantansy world and u can see my future,look at yur own better hope im not in it, And hopefully karma keeps visiting you in yur future

“I feel bad for everyone close to u also especially yur wife,a lil advice in the ‘future’… Dont say beatlejuice 3x in front of her:…………………. She has a small head….

“Anytime Hogan !!!”