Screenshot Of Sting’s WWE Network TV Debut

As noted, Sting appeared on the WWE Network Tuesday during the Ultimate Warrior special to share his favorite Warrior memory. Below is a screenshot:

  • Necro

    So what’s the status on Sting with the WWE? *Inbound 5 more posts about Sting*

    • DanSkeans

      signed a deal, or is working on signing a deal.

      • Necro

        Which has been repeated to me with 6 Pwmania columns this last week….it was a rhetorical question.

  • Mgzc Dolphin

    he signed to wwe already, its just tht wwe don’t know when to bring him in, or u can say tht since the streak of the undertaker is beaten, they don’t know what to do with him, if you ask me…its a lil bit too late to have sting in the wwe anyway, we might get a chance to see that dream match of undertaker & sting but what good does it do for those two men.but it would be good to to see sting there even if he there to gm im cool with it