Sean Waltman Says TNA Will Be Part Of WWE’s Video Catalog

Sean “X-Pac” Waltman is the latest wrestler to express his frustration with TNA via Twitter. Here is Waltman’s Twitter rant, directed at TNA President Dixie Carter:

“@TNADixie Highly disappointed with you as a person who claims to care,” wrote Waltman. “More disappointed in your handling of the only alternative to WWE…

“@TNADixie Been meaning to tell you that since your Co. tried to make it look like I no showed your PPV. They knew I wouldn’t be there for over a week. They alluded that I no showed was bcuz I was on a drug binge. They lied to the PPL. Im just sick of @TNADixie running around playing this benevolent role, when it’s a facade

“@TNADixie BTW Congrats on hiring Bruce Pritchard. Perfect fit . Oine of the biggest lowlifes in the business. Treats ppl like s–t if he can”

“Mark my words TNA will be a part of WWE’s video catalog before the decade is up… I dont hope. I just think it’s a matter of time. Unfortunately. I love the crew over there. Great guys, almost all of them.”