Sean “X-Pac” Waltman Not Pleased With Jesse Sorensen’s Release From TNA

Sean Waltman took Dixie Carter to task on Twitter for what he sees as bad decision making for releasing Jesse Sorensen from the company.

The former TNA wrestler tweeted late Tuesday night:

After fans took Waltman to task for his statement towards Dixie, Waltman tweeted:

“Guy almost ends up in a wheelchair for life working for you. You tell them don’t worry, you have a job for life, don’t worry about anything. Don’t be surprised when decent people think it’s a really shitty move to pull.”

  • saulewright

    this is fucked up

  • oldschool

    but somehow easy e jr. and Briscoe plus the two NJ. guys stay on the roster give me a break If you want to free up capital get rid of every one named Hogan and Bisoff and all their cronies. Put bully ray and dreamer in top positions. Jim cornette in charge of tag teams. Dutch mantel in charge of knock outs .Chavo in charge of X-DIVISION and bring back Jarrett but not his wife