Second WWE Raw WrestleMania Revenge Report (4/17/13) – Ahoy, Rotterdam

Thanks to reader Sven Pieneman for sending this in:

Zack Ryder vs Heath Slater. Zack Ryder won by the Zack Attack. Zack Ryder got a huge pop at his entrance

R-Truth vs Antonio Cesaro. R-Truth won by Little Jimmy. Huge pop for R-Truth. Mixed reaction for Cesaro. Cesaro trash talked to the crowd when the match was going on. Many people were chanting Claudio.

Bella Twins and Tamina Snuka vs Funkadactyls and Diva’s champion Kaitlyn. Could not see the whole match. Toilet break!

Dolph Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Championship. Bryan got a huge Yes chant from the crowd. He did of course his NO chant. Mixed reaction for Ziggler. Many people are embracing him, although he is playing the Heel.

Dolph got the win by ZigZag. Awesome match. Both were interactive with the crowd. Very technical match, absolutely a future WHC feud. After the match Bryan attacked Ziggler with the No Lock. He took the Title, celebrated, and everybody chanted Yes!

After the break we see Kane vs Big E Langston. Two huge man. Not very technical but entertaining as hell. Dolph Ziggler came out to rescue Big E. Then Daniel came out to rescue Kane. Vickie made a tag team match.

Team Hell No vs Big E Langston and Dolph Ziggler. Team Hell No got the win. After the match Kane and Bryan were arguing about the championship. Bryan did a promo where he said he was the Tag team champion. After arguing they hugged it out and Kane gave the title to Daniel and he ran to the back with it.

Main event. John Cena vs Ryback in a Tables Match for the WWE Championship.
John Cena won with the AA. Short match, split crowd. Many Cena fans, but many Ryback fans. Not a very good match with even some technical mistakes.

Overall a awesome show! Many interactions with the crowd and much action.

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