Seth Rollins On Using Curb Stomp Again, Recent Shield Reunion, Potential Feud With Roman ReignsSeth Rollins On Possible Feud With Roman Reigns, Recent Shield Reunion, Much More

WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins recently spoke with Newsweek to talk about various topics. Here are the highlights.

All the belts are being defended at GRR. You talked about the IC belt as the title that’s defended every week, but if Roman takes the Universal title off of Brock and you retain, how will you feel sharing the spotlight on RAW?
“I would love to see Roman take down Brock Lesnar and bring the Universal Championship to RAW. It would be a huge coup for our television show, the live events, for everything. I’m team Roman 100 percent. I’m not worried about my position or the Intercontinental championship. I know what I bring to the table and what the Intercontinental title brings to the table. I think having Roman with the Universal title on RAW every week will only add to the show and the prestige we do every week.”

There’s a history of Champion vs Champion matches between the IC and WWE champs. Would you want to get into a story with Roman?
“I’d absolutely love to get into the ring again with Roman. Without a doubt, he’s one of the top competitors in the entire world and being in the ring with him, whenever any of the SHIELD guys are in the ring at the same time, there’s a special feeling involved. We’ve had some very classic matchups in the past and we’ve gone back and forth before. I think it would be a great time and I’m certainly up for the challenge and I’m certain he would be too.”

A part of that journey was the story with Dean Ambrose and the SHIELD reunion. What was it like to work toward the reunion for it never to happen?
“Getting back with Dean and Roman was incredible in itself. We had the band back together and we were ready for a few months run, and then things happen. That’s just the nature of the business and life, really. You can’t plan for those things. We had that six-man tag match against The New Day at Survivor Series, which was a lot of fun. I think all three of us would like to have another opportunity to have that classic six-man, but at the end of the day it afforded us some crazy opportunities. We teamed with Kurt Angle in that wild TLC match, and then teaming with Triple H on the European tour. Who would have thought you’d see those guys in SHIELD gear? It’s a super interesting situation that didn’t start the way we wanted, but it ended up pretty cool and had some cool moments.”

When did you know when you were allowed to bring back the Curb Stomp? What’s the story?

“You know, I can’t divulge the entire story. Maybe some other time. It’ll be good for a DVD or a Network special or something like that. I will say that I was very happy to see it come back. It wasn’t a long-term plan, I knew way in advance, but I was happy to get it back. That is another thing this year that really put me on a very good trajectory. It felt good, man. The surprise in the audience and the reaction I got online was really cool, too. I’m glad to take it around the world now, it’s been a good experience.”