Seth Rollins Storyline Update, Jim Ross Talks On Medical Tests He’s Had, Rusev & Lana

– As seen on Friday’s SmackDown, Seth Rollins defeated Dolph Ziggler in a match. Rollins didn’t give much away on why he turned on Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns but he did refer to them as his brothers, saying that everyone wants an explanation. Rollins said the only person who knows why he turned on The Shield and the only person that needs to know is himself.

– Jim Ross tweeted the following update this evening:

“Bumper to bumper medicals. 2 MRI ‘s, blood drawn 4X, echocardiogram, neck artery scan….all today. Awakened every 2 hours since last nite.”

– Lana and Rusev are featured in Fallout from this week’s SmackDown:

  • Momo

    Here’s how I see it, the shield members no matter what won’t talk shit about each other. No matter what you guys think, even this talk of an “Ambrose Nuke’ on Raw. Seth joined Evolution to destroy Evolution. BELIEVE IN THE SHIELD.

    • jmull

      He beat the shit out of them with a chair to sell the angle but he won’t talk shit? No. They just use smackdown to promote Raw.

      • ksedude

        I feel like I could skip SmackDown every week, and miss nothing as long as I catch Raw.

    • Jam

      That’s what I believe too. The Shield invaded the WWE main roster for one reason & that’s to expose injustice. The fact that he won’t talk shit about his “brothers” says something about why he joined Evolution. I have this feeling that he joined Evolution to initiate a plan to eliminate every last bit of Evolution and Reigns & Ambrose are secretly in on it. I could be wrong but I hope this is right in the long run.

  • ksedude

    I hope JR is ok..

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    I can definitely see Rollins double turning on HHH, he still uses the same theme, and wears the same gear as the other Shield members, he could’ve switched to shirt &jeans, or to a suit, also notice how he purposely didn’t explain himself on Smackdown for 2 reasons. 1. SMACKDOWN is nothing more than the promoting show to RAW. 2. He’s saving the suspense for when he double turns on HHH and eliminates the remaining members of Evolution one by one. THEN he will reunite with Ambrose & Rollins.

    The don’t call him the brains of the Shield for nothing.

    • granddaddybob

      you all realize that this a show that is scripted and he performs or acts out the script right? I have called it championship acting since I was nine but I still love to see them act out all the angles.

      • Monkey D. Luffy

        what does you mentioning it being scripted have to do with what i was speculating?

        I was merely speaking through a potential storyline.

        Was this an attempt to make yourself feel smart?

        • granddaddybob

          nevermind……just saying that’s all

  • Yusei Asakura

    Glad they didn’t really do anything with this on raw considering they really didn’t have to. As far as I see the Shield angles will follow “Key Nights” I.e Finals nights for ratings.

    Smart move whoever had this idea

  • xnyer

    Lana has great legs……….