Several Photos Of Kaitlyn’s Wardrobe Malfunction On Monday’s WWE Raw reader Deven sent the following shots of Kaitlyn’s wardrobe malfunction on Monday night’s WWE RAW:

  • Jose

    Stay classy dirt sites.

    • samusic160

      Why do you think they call them the ‘Dirt Sheets’ way-hay :P.

  • Melissa Karry

    Kaitlyn must be embarrass to see this photo online.

  • Quentin Diaz

    I hope kaitlyn isn’t that embarrass…..she should be proud that she let her fans see it…..its not like we really going to see it again, if she is careful. she should be enjoying that “hey, my fans got one of my breast. i’m ok with that, its probably going a onetime thing anyway since i’ not really going intentionally show it off in the real world.” that is what she should say and with a big smile on her face…..(but we sure as hell would love to see it in the real world too, try to take advantage of that kaitlyn you are one of the beautiful ladies out there..)

  • Dr. Nasty

    OMG! A woman has a nipple? NOOOOOOO!!!!

  • Willey

    it is funny that WWE cut that section when it uploaded the segment on their youtube channel

    • John Janecek

      BTW in SLC the show starts at 9 pm mountain time… so the screen went blank for several seconds… ah, the lengths they’ll go to keep a family-friendly rating.

      • Quinton. A

        Actually you don’t have live T.V it should start at 6 and go to 9 get direct tv or basic cable bud

  • Total Wafflez


  • jake

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  • Samantha Wilson


  • Ace

    Nice breasts, would love to see you as the bunny in playboy, great body,

  • puppytits

    that’s one nice tit looks so suckable

  • K8LYN

    Who saw the Bre Bella Vagina Slip