Several WWE Superstars & Personalities Tweet On WWE RAW

Here are tweets from several wrestling personalities, tweeted during and after WWE RAW:

Santino Marella ‏@milanmiracle:

“Not to make excuse but I was no ready at all, del rio beat me ups before I could even getting start, now my arm is really killing me!”

Ricardo Rodriguez ‏@RRWWE:

“Take THAT Santino!”

Zack Ryder ‏@ZackRyder:

“I’m not booked. Guess I’ll do a Live Q & A From Backstage. Use hashtag #ZackRyderVsCatering GO!”

“That’s it for now. Thanks Zack Pack! #ZackRyderVsCatering”

Ezekiel Jackson ‏@ezekielwwe:

“#angrygiant Not a good combo…”

“#sign… There is no excuse for you Vickie Haha”

JBL ‏@JCLayfield:

“@WWETheBigShow just cut a heck of a promo on @wwe tonight, well done. Now if he would just eat Michael Cole we’d all be happy!”

“@RealJackSwagger Has a very nice haircut, reminds me of someone really good looking but not from Okie Land. #JBLfacts”

“GREAT night by @WWETheBigShow on @wwe raw now that’s good old fashioned fear filled heat! Gotta love that. Maybe he should help Celtics.”

Tyler Reks ‏@Tyler_Reks:

“Had an interesting night hanging out in @WWERawGM ‘s office. Free ice tea and granny smith apples. #PeoplePower #Change”

Jim Ross ‏@JRsBBQ:

“Vickie Guerrero’s wearing 1 of King’s old t shirts. My NOLA memories go back 2 Mid South Wrestling. Worked there every Thursday nite. #WWE”

“@WWETheBigShow was a monster villain tonite. Made a giant statement.”

Mick Foley ‏@realMickFoley:

“I’ve always enjoyed the WWE tributes to our fallen service-members on the anual Memorial Day episode of Raw.”

“That destruction by @WWETheBigShow was as impressive a statement as I’ve ever seen. I believe @JRsBBQ would have referred to it as carnage.”