Several Wrestlers Comments & Reactions To The Royal Rumble

The following comments were posted on Twitter…

Christopher Daniels: “Just got done watching the Rumble with friends. Congrats to @WWEDanielBryan and @CMPunk for their great showings… …to @TheRealMorrison for the spot of the night,… & to the WWE, I ask, if no one saw the Miz throw Cena over the top rope, how do they know Cena went over the top at all? #IWantWresting”

Val Venis: “I am very happy for Del Rio. He is truly a great performer. Vince is hearing Cha Ching with Del Rio. Or at least he should be hearing that.”

Carlito: “I guess I dont have special powers! Congrats to del rio and the wwe for changing things up!”

Shane Helms: “Del Rio is 1/3 JBL, 1/3 Ricky Ricardo, and 1/3 Ric Flair. Hope to see him go far.”

Jim Ross: “Thought Booker & Nash both physically looked super 2nite. I hope they stick around WWE. TBD, I suppose.”