Shane Douglas Talks Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies Movie, Stephen DeAngelis On Hardcore Roadtrip

Shane Douglas recently spoke with Under the Mat Radio to discuss new movie Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies and his involvement in it. Also Stephen DeAngelis and talent from Hardcore Roadtrip talk about getting screwed over by promoter Mark Livingston. You can listen to the full interview below; here are the highlights:

Shane on the business today:
“I’m so impressed by the athleticism of the kids today and my heart breaks for them because they didn’t break into the same business that I broke into. I sit back and wonder with that kind of athleticism could you imagine the matches that they would be having.”

Shane on what the term “Kid” means in the business and why veterans use that term:
“It’s not a condescending term; it’s a term of age. From the experience that I’ve had with people like Kevin Sullivan, Terry Funk, Bruno Sammartino and this long list of guys…it was a term of expectation. They expected you to pick up where they left off unfortunately the powers to be in this business had completely took this industry in a left hand turn away from wrestling to cartoon land.”

Shane on Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies:
“We had a ton of fun filming it; we weren’t trying to make the Citizen Kane. We were making fun of our careers sort of tongue and cheek taking a jab at the business. I think when you watch the movie in that light it’s a funny movie and it’s timely in where the business sets.”

Stephen DeAngelis on how Mark Livingston screwed them over:
“I ask one of the drivers or volunteers Where’s Mark? He said oh Mark was having a heart attack or stress attack and his wife took him to the hospital. The guy says I can go to the hospital now…I say no you are coming with me and I made him go in the back. I got the locker room together. Then a phone call comes and says that they (Mark) wanted him to pick up the money from the hospital…she we let him go thinking there’s chance money is there. After the match (still no money or Mark) Colin Delaney grabs the mic and tells the fans that the promoter has skipped and left…”