Shane McMahon Not Available For WWE Interview, WWE Very High On Three Talents, Charlotte

– Regarding the new History of WWE DVD and Blu-ray, the people involved in putting it together really wanted to interview Shane McMahon but were told that wasn’t going to be possible.

– previously reported how WWE officials are very high on Summer Rae. Word is that WWE has three talents they are looking at elevating greatly next year – Roman Reigns, Big E Langston and Summer.

– WWE NXT Diva Charlotte is out of action for several more weeks due to minor surgery. Sylvester LeFort is also out of action with a knee injury.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • James

    #pushambrose he’s ten times better then reigns

    • Brandon Smith

      but ambrose is not related to the rock so that hurts his chances over reigns

      • Jason

        Sadly that’s truth

  • Justin Cissom

    Anyone else weirded out about how much Shane looks like ole Vinny Mac. I know they’re father and son, but man…

  • Guest

    Does anyone else see Reigns as a flop? He’s big and a monster, but it’s the same old shit. Ambrose at least has mic skills, and knows how to tell a story. Most likely, Reigns will be put with Heyman, because he can’t talk on the mic compared to Ambrose, and he will need to be pushed by somebody that can talk on the mic. Personally, Ambrose is the better option to push, but of course, he’s small like Daniel Bryan, and I’m by no means an Indy fan or a mark, but seriously, WWE needs to learn what people want, not what the shareholders want for their company. Daniel Bryan is OVER, people love him and his gimmick. I questioned the whole “Yes” thing but it’s the “What!?” Austin thing all over again. People just chant it, and it pumps them up. Big E and Summer will be good, but Reigns, c’mon WWE. We have enough heavyweights, let’s diversify a little bit.

  • Jason

    Summer? Really? Paige is far better! WTH are they thinking?!

  • SemajTheSellout

    All this Ambrose talk. He’s gonna have to earn his push. Once he is a singles competitor, he has to fight for it. Reigns has a good look, he’s explosive, he has the lineage, he’s a good kid from what you hear, he improves everyday, his moves get the most pops (not just his spear)… It makes sense. My thing is, I’m more of a Rollins fan but he isnt ready on the mic and he isn’t scary enough to play the silent guy with a mouthpiece for a manager. I hope I’m wrong though.

    Ambrose is above average as a competitor, above average but cliche on the mic but his scrappy nature in the ring is what I really like about him. If he gets a bigger chip on his shoulder and earns his push like Austin or Punk while developing a character, it will work. But him being pushed by the machine will not work. So stop saying he deserves it. Ur gonna rush it and ruin his career like yall did Curtis Axel. Don’t act like the IWC wasn’t all over his sack when he became a Heyman guy. Rushed his title reign, and now look what happened. lol