Shawn Michaels Comments On WWE Raw, Cody Rhodes & Natalya Latest, Justin Credible

– Shawn Michaels, who will present the Slammy for Superstar of the Year tonight on RAW, tweeted the following to hype the show:

– Cody Rhodes and Natalya are hosting a reading celebration at Rainier View Elementary School in Seattle, Washington today. Here’s a photo:

– Justin Credible’s latest Pro Wrestling 101 video features Petey Williams:

  • Superbooker

    I would like to see cm punk interrupt match of the year slammy winner (triple h) and say that everyone knows he had match of the year with lesner but once again the authority is fixing results to suit their agenda. Then obviously have shield come out and attack him only for cm punk to gain the upper hand and escape.
    This is needed because the world knows punk vs lesner was match of the year but triple h can’t be second fiddle to punk. It will progress so much by doing this!
    Book it!!!!!!