Shawn Michaels Reveals That The Rock Didn’t Want To Wrestle Him

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels spoke to Jim Ross on a recent installment of “The Ross Report” about how The Rock was not interested in working a program with him when he returned to the ring back in 2002.

“I can remember many, many years ago, as I came back. Pat Patterson asked about that and I said, ‘Sure, whoever you want.’ But he [The Rock] wasn’t interested, and that was it. But I liked anybody that I hadn’t been in the ring with.”

You can listen to part one and two of the interview below:

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    The only reason why The Rock didn’t want to feud with HBK was for many reasons; he was an asshole, wouldn’t put over any talent, wanted to destroy The Rock’s I.C title reign/push and insisted on having his way around the matches and their finishes which would have ultimately ruined The Rock.

    So i don’t blame the Rock for not embarking on that feud, however, since HBK has ‘changed’ The Rock spoke on the 2008 HOF and was interested in wrestling HBK among the many other names he listed.

    That would have been one of, if not THE MOST iconic match in wrestling history.

    Too bad we can only play it in the video games.

    • Mark Long

      I’m sorry to be a grammar nazi but that first sentence is horrible “the only reason… was for many reasons” I mean gah!

      • Booyakasha

        hey look the grammar police!!! LoL

      • Monkey D. Luffy

        Lol sorry i never read through it twice, my bad, forgot this was an essay xD

    • Booyakasha

      FYI the other guys he said he wanted to wrestle against were Cena and Rey “Hey, look, I’m injured again for the umpteenth time” Mysterio.

  • Wrestling_fan

    Can’t blame the Rock! He has had issues with Michaels for a long time, started when Michaels disrespected his grandma at a Polynesian Pacific wrestling show which she had been coordinating.
    Also, Michaels & HHH tried to hinder his push in 1997, when he was the IC champ. Michaels suggested to Vinnie Mac that Rock should lose & HHH suggested to Bret Hart to beat the Rock. This would have resulted in Rock being pushed back & Hart out of the world title scene. But, Hart could sense that & refused to do so, instead suggesting a DQ finish, which infuriated Michaels & HHH (source- Bret Hart’s autobiography).