Shawn Michaels Reveals Thoughts On WWE Tag-Team Future In “Iron Man Interview”

One of the most iconic names in the history of pro wrestling, “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels joined up with the Ministry Of Slam wrestling radio show for an exclusive 60-minute talk. Dubbed the “Iron Man Interview” the hour long chat goes in-depth on Shawn’s career, specifically focusing on several notable aspects of his lengthy tenure in wrestling. In this snippet, “The Showstopper” tells MOS his thoughts on recent rumours WWE may be about to put more focus on the tag-team division once again.

“I really don’t know (what the future holds for tag-team wrestling)”, Michaels stated. “When we were doing it, there were a lot of talented and very different tag-teams, but I think it might be fair to say that the business is more individually-oriented now. That’s why I don’t know if things can go back to the way they were, as phenomenal as it was. I also think that when there was a number of different territories, it wasn’t a strange thing for the tag-teams to be the main draw. Obviously that’s something, perhaps from a business standpoint, people don’t think can be a reasonable expectation now, so it’s more focused on individuals.”

“Regardless, I think a lot of it comes down to the guys themselves – I think they’re more individually focused, and a lot of folks look at being in tags as a stepping stone to get towards an individual career. I know that’s something I obviously did, but it was never really the intention at the time. Marty and I of course talked about it, but when he and I got together it was really our first break. That’s all we thought about, how we could be the best team possible.”

“As for any resurgence of tag-team wrestling? I really can’t say, it’s impossible for me to get into the minds of individuals, but I don’t know if that’s a real focus now with the guys. Not a lot of guys seem to go into tags looking to make that team the absolute best it can be. Whether the company standpoint is that guys have to be individuals in order to be successful, or that comes from the wrestlers themselves, there does seem to be more emphasis on single success now than there was back when I started.”

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