Shawn Michaels Talks About His Involvement On Tonight’s “HBK Appreciation Night” WWE Raw

Shawn Michaels spoke with The Baltimore Sun on tonight’s WWE Raw which has been advertised locally in San Antonio as “Shawn Michaels Appreciation Night”.

“I honestly don’t know [what to expect],” Michaels told The Baltimore Sun. “I have probably less information than you guys do, which is [WWE’s] doing. I do my best to always take that as a compliment. I like to feel that they basically know that they sort of let me know what’s going on that day, then we can go ahead and get it done.”

“If this turns into a one-time roast for me, I enjoy that as much as everybody else does,” Michaels said. “That’s the reason I’ve hung around [Triple H] for all these years — it’s because he’s always made me laugh. So if that’s what it entails, then that works for me.”