Shawn Michaels Discusses Not Feeling The Desire To Return, Retirement & The Undertaker, More

Below are some highlights from Shawn Michaels’ appearance on Steve Austin’s podcast:

On not feeling the desire to come back: “I’m sure I could do three, four shots in a year, but I was just ready to try something else. I was full. Maybe I didn’t love the business the way I supposed to – I don’t know. [After retirement match] I didn’t experience the hard thing. No [withdrawal].”

On when he first considered retirement: “I don’t know what the future holds, but I can tell you that after the first match with The Undertaker, driving home from Houston, I told my wife, ‘You know what, that might be the one to end it on.’ I don’t think you can wrestle a perfect match, but I think that was probably as good as it can get. [Being on the road was] really bothering my daughter…To be honest, it was bothering me.”

On his mindset when he left WWE after WrestleMania 14: “The job – as great as it – it keeps you so busy. To just have time to get a hobby, not go get in the car, to just sort of do what you want, I think it was probably the first time since I thought about that since I was 19-years-old.”

Youc an listen to Steve Austin’s podcast at this link.