Shawn Michaels Writes First Blog On Facebook Account

Shawn Michaels posted a new blog on his official Facebook page and he tweeted earlier that he plans on writing more in the future if fans like it. The following is an excerpt:

“Let me give you a little history. I grew up in a military family. My father is a retired Air Force Col. and he stressed the importance of discipline, hard work and self-sufficiency. Although I did not grow up hunting, I did grow up around it. After all, I did grow up a Texan! But, I was spending 250 days a year on the road jumping off of things much too high, so I simply did not have the time. However, I always wanted to get into hunting. It took a severe back injury to lead me down a path that would change my life forever, and that included. starting to hunt.

When recovering from my back surgery a friend of mine took me on a deer hunt. It was a life changing experience. I found myself alone in the midst of the splendor of God’s creation. For what seemed like the first time I listened to the wind blowing, and the birds chirping. I saw a bluer sky and greener grass. I enjoyed the challenge of becoming a better marksman and better provider for my family. Also, it was then that I realized I was actually a mortal. Everything in my life changed, forever. Jesus Christ became my personal Lord and Savior and I vowed to live the rest of my life guided by faith and to read and study the Bible to help me on that journey.

Although I thought my WWE career was over at that time and I would actually get to start hunting more, God had other plans for me. With faith, determination and the support of my wife Rebecca, “The Showstopper” had one more come back in him. I was able to not only get back into the WWE ring, but to come back and wrestle some of the best matches of my life. I had made it back !

Now, fast-forward almost a decade later and I find myself retired from the WWE ring. I have been hunting for over 12 years and now find myself hosting a show on Outdoor Channel. To be specific, I am hosting, “Shawn Michaels” MacMillan River Adventures with my friend Keith Mark. The show will air Tuesday nights at 11:30 pm EST and Saturday night at 7:00 pm EST starting June 28, 2011!”

  • michael flether

    he shawn ur rlly an awesome person ive been a fan of urs since i was4 and i rlly look up to u

  • michael flether

    ur just awesome i grew up watchin u on tv u lookso dedicated to ur work that it made me determined to reach my goals in the future