Sheamus Calls Out ‘Dirt Sheet Heroes’, Responds To Reports Of Being Triple H’s Workout Buddy

Published On 05/08/2014 | By Staff | News

– WWE United States Champion Sheamus tweeted the following today:

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  • Bryan Thomas

    What’s eating him? Lol

  • Monty605

    Barrett, Paige, Neville = 3 Brits. That is all….

    • theripperdannyb

      You know as well as I do that the NXT brand doesn’t count, they hold them separate!

    • No Escaping Gravity

      Neville isn’t in the WWE, so no.

      • Jason Ramsey

        NXT is part of WWE.

        • No Escaping Gravity

          Just like the Pawtucket Red Sox are part of the Boston Red Sox, though you wouldn’t say a minor leaguer is a member of the big leagues.

    • Monty605

      To reply to you both: NXT is still a WWE brand. Main roster talent still appear on shows. To say that the talent aren’t WWE is both irresponsible and quite frankly ignorant to the point of insulting to them.

      • Jared Mosher

        NXT may be a brand owned by WWE, but the NXT title isn’t a WWE title, which is what Sheamus said in the first place.. That’s like saying a minor league baseball team that won a championship are MLB champions. How about you don’t be so ignorant.

    • Jason Ramsey

      The dirt sheets are lumping Sheamus in with Barrett & Paige as 3 Brits who hold major titles in the WWE. If they were referring to Neville, they’d say NXT. While NXT is part of WWE, the NXT Championship is not considered a major title.


    finally!time for this fella to shut a few mouths

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    well, he’s kept Triple H’s beard since.. well, forever, I mean, if he was really brown-nosing HHH then he wouldn’t be so damn pale.

    • Jason Ramsey

      Sheamus had that facial hair style before he was even signed to a developmental deal by WWE. And if you want to get technical, you could say that Triple H stole the look from Motorhead’s Lemmy.

  • Ellsworth Allah

    well fella…why hunter put you over years ago fella?

    • Jason Ramsey

      It’s a common practice in pro wrestling for an established star to put over a younger or less established competitor that they see potential in. That way they can help keep fresh blood in the company & one day, hopefully leave it in good hands, so to speak.

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    Why do people think the Republic of Ireland is part is Britain.

    • Jason Ramsey

      Apparently, nobody learned their Irish history.

      • JR Texx (Jamie)

        guessing you didn’t know either.