Sheamus Discusses Stars Being Jealous Of His Early Success, Defeating John Cena & More

Sheamus was recently interview by Tonight on the upcoming tour in South Africa. During the interview Sheamus discussed changing his look to get remembered by fans, the reaction he got from fans when he defeated John Cena for the title and more. Here are the highlights:

Changing his look to get remembered by fans:“I was a brand-new kid who no one knew. In the past I had cut my red hair, but I decided to do an image change and let it grow so people would remember me. Also, they saw the pale white skin which became part of my look. My success in a matter of months even had some wrestlers jealous, but I was happy to announce that I was here to stay.”

The reaction he got from fans when he defeated John Cena for the title: “The last thing the fans wanted is you coming from another country and beating their poster boy. They didn’t like me one bit and it didn’t bother me at all. I didn’t move to America to make friends, I came here to work.”

How wrestlers managed to do dangerous routines time and again but avoid serious injury: “The reason why we always say ‘kids should not try this at home or school’ is because we know what we are doing. Although it may not look like it in most cases, we actually do get injured, but in most cases it is not as bad as it would be for an untrained person. This is why we encourage the fans to rather come to see us do it or play the video game and avoid physical contact.”

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