Sheamus Hypes Tonight’s Raw, CM Punk & Shawn Michaels Latest, John Cena On Showbiz Tonight

– Sheamus commented on tonight’s Raw, writing on Twitter, “#ManiaFallout coming at you via #RAW tonight… Your predictions?” Interestingly Sheamus is featured on WWE’s next PPV promotional poster, Extreme Rules.

– Despite his leg being banged up, CM Punk is backstage at RAW and will be appearing on tonight’ show, PWInsider reports.

– Shawn Michaels provided an update on his nose, which he thought had been broken during Triple H’s match with Brock Lesnar on Sunday at WrestleMania 29. HBK tweeted, “All my teeth are intact, my nose isn’t broke, …awesome night!!! #wrestlemania”

– John Cena will be appearing on “Showbiz Tonight” tonight on Headline News. Cena has been on a post-WrestleMania 29 media run for post of today. You can check out some photos from his appearances at this link.